Get to Know Your Staff: RESCUE

Name: Richard Campbell

Camp Nickname: Rescue

Position: Maintenance & Improvements Director

How long have you worked at Camp Luther? 9 years

So, what do you do??
I make sure camp facilities and grounds are well maintained and look good. I also oversee new projects and supervise volunteers and work groups. 

Where is your favorite spot on camp, and why?
The courtyard. When all the kids are gathered there you can see that camp is a blessing to them.

If you could participate in any camp program, what would it be?
Teen Camp, IMPACT, or Junior Counselor because I think it's important for teens to have close Christian friends with the same beliefs.

How did you first get involved with Camp Luther?
I brought all six of my children to KinderCamp.

If you could make any new village, what would it be and why?
Teepee Village. I think it would be cool for kids to camp and sleep like Native Americans lived. 

What do you like to do when you're not working?
Spend time with my wife and kids and watch my kids play sports. I also enjoy going golfing, bow hunting, and running.

Who is in your family?
My wife Laura and my six kids: Jake, Fritz, Kirk, Mitch, Daisy, and Lily

What is your favorite part about Camp Luther and working here?
Using the gifts God gave me to serve Camp's mission of building up believers. And to see the joy people have when they are here. 


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