Get to Know Your Staff: KASH!

Name: Kristina Aschenbrenner

Camp Nickname: Kash

Position: Business & Finance Manager

How long have you worked at Camp Luther? 1 year

So, what do you do?? What does a “typical” day look like for you? 
I review all invoices and code them to the appropriate area and work closely with our accountant to track cash flow to ensure we have enough money to pay our bills. I manage our vendor accounts; updating contracts and getting bids for projects. Managing Camp’s HR functions is also my responsibility; performing background checks and maintaining personnel files. I also work with the budget; tracking expenses, planning for projects and preparing reports for the Board of Directors.

Where is your favorite spot on camp, and why?
Waterfront - when my daughter attended day camp last summer I loved watching her having fun splashing around and enjoying life.

If you could participate in any camp program, what would it be?
Probably IMPACT, after 10 years in the military I can appreciate a little adventure into the woods.

If you could make any new village, what would it be, and why?
Tiny house village, it would be fun to build and have a community of tiny houses.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I coach my daughter’s gymnastics class. My daughter and I like doing crafts; my favorite is quilting. I also really enjoy home remodeling projects.

Kash with her extended family
Who is in your family?
My daughter Samantha is 8, my stepdaughter Caelee is 19 and attends University of Minnesota Duluth, and my husband Aaron works full time for the WI Army National Guard.

What’s your favorite part about Camp Luther and/or working here?
Helping camp and contributing to its mission by using my business skills.


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