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Get to Know Your Staff: KASH!

Name: Kristina Aschenbrenner

Camp Nickname: Kash

Position: Business & Finance Manager

How long have you worked at Camp Luther? 1 year

So, what do you do?? What does a “typical” day look like for you? 
I review all invoices and code them to the appropriate area and work closely with our accountant to track cash flow to ensure we have enough money to pay our bills. I manage our vendor accounts; updating contracts and getting bids for projects. Managing Camp’s HR functions is also my responsibility; performing background checks and maintaining personnel files. I also work with the budget; tracking expenses, planning for projects and preparing reports for the Board of Directors.
Where is your favorite spot on camp, and why? Waterfront - when my daughter attended day camp last summer I loved watching her having fun splashing around and enjoying life.
If you could participate in any camp program, what would it be? Probably IMPACT, after 10 years in the military I can appreciate a little adventur…

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