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2017 Theme: ANCHORED

For we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.  (Hebrews 6:19)
Water is unpredictable. This is a truth you learn very quickly working at camp. I remember taking a group out onto Rangeline Lake for a fun afternoon of canoeing during my first summer as a counselor. And it was fun—until it was time to head back in and I realized that the wind had picked up. It was blowing us away from the safety of the channel where we had launched our canoes and out across the open lake.

I, an experienced college student, struggled to even get my canoe turned around against the force of the wind. I looked behind me to see my campers’ boats scattered across the lake. All I could think was that staff training did not prepare me for this! as I watched the canoes get tossed around by the wind.

In the end, I had to paddle up to each boat individually and help tow them to the nearest shoreline. Once everyone was finally safely on shore, we walked back to main camp leaving a scattered array of…

On The Road Again...A Day in the Life of Indigo!

Shelly “Indigo” Karolus is Camp Luther’s Director of Donor Relations, but what does that mean?!

As Director of Donor Relations, part of Indigo’s time is spent connecting people to the many different opportunities of supporting the ministry of Camp Luther. Part of her time is also spent thanking people who give in different ways to advance the mission of Camp. In all she does, she gets to hear about all the different reasons why Camp is such a special place to many.

When connecting people to opportunities to support and thanking them, Indigo uses the phone quite a bit, but also does much of this work on the road, meeting with people face-to-face.

"I have the wonderful opportunity of getting out on the road and driving to visit people who love Camp Luther. Sometimes I'll be on the road for a couple of days or just a day trip. No matter where I go, it is awesome to hear about why people love God and how Camp has helped them grow a closer relationship to Christ."

In Februar…

NLOMA Conference Recap

Every February, members of the Camp Luther staff join with ministry professionals representing nearly 30 Christian camps across the country. The organization is called NLOMA (National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association). This year, staff members Woody, Beemer, Kardia, and Sojo traveled to the Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center in Farmington, Minnesota for the conference. This annual conference features worship time, several amazing speakers, and plenty of time to enjoy fellowship and networking with staff members from other camps.

Worship times at this year’s conference were led by pastor and Camp Luther alumn Gabe Kasper (Austin, Texas).
The keynote speaker was Dr. Andy Root. Andy’s discussion focused on place sharing in relationships and letting Jesus find His way into our lives by spending time with one another and sharing in each other’s suffering.

Attendees had time for recreation and sight-seeing throughout the conference, including the Como Zoo, local breweries, and a …

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