Thursday, November 17, 2016

Apply for Summer Staff 2017!

A summer spent working at camp immerses you in a community where you get to explore together what it means to love Jesus and love like Jesus. It’s kingdom ministry that’s intense, and deep, and life changing. Camp Luther is just one of 24 NLOMA (National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association) camps that are located around the country.

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Those chosen to serve can expect to grow professionally and spiritually. Many life-long friendships were born during summers at Camp Luther. This is the hardest job you'll ever love. Here is what past staff members say about their summer(s) at Camp Luther:

"Working at Camp taught me how to be a leader. It's more than just teaching kids how to play Gaga Ball, or making sure no one gets lost (though these are important). I've learned that to lead others, you have to lead yourself. Being in that mentor/role model position gave me a great opportunity to practice and build these skills. As life goes on, I find myself using these skills more and more, and it's cool to look back and see how God has been at work in this aspect of my life!" -Rocket

"I learned how to love, and what it means to be loved by God and others. My heart is changed because of vulnerability, honesty, and the wonder of His love that is apparent in the smiling, shining eyes of children when they hear His gospel of peace." - Suds

"Being a counselor helped me to understand what it means to rely on God’s strength over your own. My own faith grew seeing how God is working in the lives of campers. The bonds you build on staff
taught me the definition of 'Brothers and Sisters in Christ.’" - Intro

"Camp Luther broke me out of my comfort zone and opened the world to me in a light I've never seen before. The way God works through the kids, the staff, and me has left me with an everlasting joyful servant attitude." - Psych

"Being on summer staff at Camp Luther is impactful. It is impactful for the individual on staff, but more importantly, it is impactful for all of the campers that you will interact with. The job truly makes a difference in kids earthly and eternal lives." - JMAC

"Building relationships centered around Christ's love with campers and fellow staff members reminded me of what really matters.  It was so moving to put aside my stresses of daily life and refocus my priorities." - Soy

"God put me out of my comfort zone, and I grew in ways unimaginable." - Radar

"Being a part of the Camp Luther staff is like nothing else; you build lifelong relationships with other Christian individuals committed to growing the faith of those around them, as well as growing their own.  I never could have imagined the love, support, and joy that has been shown to me by the staff, and the rewards of the opportunity to serve campers in a variety of ways." - Tron

"My confidence grew leaps and bounds while at camp. My confidence to lead a group, to relate to others, and most significantly: confidence to trust in God" - Kinch

"Being a camp counselor really showed me how to be a servant to others, both the campers and the other staff members.  This servant attitude is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life."   - Smiles

"I applied to camp as someone who had never been to summer camp before and it was the best decision of my life.  I learned to be confident as a leader and learned new ways to show Jesus's love to those around me.  I came to camp as a stranger and left at the end of the summer with a family. Apply to work at camp; I personally guarantee it is a decision you will never regret."
- Chip

What are you waiting for!? Apply today!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Welcome, Kristina!

My family (husband Aaron, seven year old daughter Samantha and our chocolate lab Caddie) moved here a year ago from Eau Claire.  We love living in the Northwoods; enjoying the outdoors and being close to family. I worked the last 8 years in government administration; working on projects, budgets and HR. I am excited to be a part of the Camp Luther team as the Business and Finance Manager!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Thank you, Mary Ann!

If you’ve called Camp Luther or walked into the Welcome Center within the last 13 years, you’ve likely talked to her. Most people call her MaryAnn, but her camp name, Welcome, is very fitting as she greets everyone with a smile and answers their questions so they feel at home. She is Camp Luther’s Administrative Assistant, and is an integral part to things running smoothly. She completes countless tasks, from working extensively with camper registrations, to answering and directing incoming phone calls, to making sure the office supplies stay stocked. This November, she’ll have her last day in the office – and in the Northwoods – as she and her husband move to Florida!

We asked Welcome for her most memorable moment behind the desk at Camp Luther, and she was quick to laugh and retell a story involving winter and a slippery parking lot…

Woody and I were at the front desk one winter, and looked out the window to see Pierre, the Facility Maintenance Manager at the time, driving down the hill into the parking lot. Pierre always talked about how “the kids” (anyone younger than 30) drove too fast, and they needed to slow down in the parking lot. As Woody and I stood at the front desk, we noted that it looked like Pierre was the one driving a little fast this time. When he tried to brake, the truck slipped on the ice and BAM! He hit my car, which was parked in the middle lane of the parking lot. Glass and car parts went everywhere! Woody calmly said “I’ll call the insurance company” and walked away, while I waited for Pierre to come in and explain what had happened.

We’ll miss you greatly, MaryAnn, and pray for God’s Blessings on your next adventure!