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Every Kid to Camp Celebrates 10 Years!

It began with a vision that every child in the North Wisconsin District should have the opportunity to go to camp.District and camp leaders knew from decades of summer camp ministry that the Camp Luther experience has a significant impact in the faith development of children fortunate enough to attend. A vision began to take shape. What if, through the assistance of others who believe in the mission of Camp Luther, we could provide the opportunity for hundreds of children to attend each summer at no cost to their family? Now 10 years later, through your support and prayers, more than 2000 children have come to Camp Luther through Every Kid to Camp!
The vision of Every Kid to Camp has grown as congregations and individuals have used the ministry to reach out to those in their communities who don’t know Christ. Each year 300 children come to Camp Luther for the very first time at no cost to their family. We are careful not to refer to Every Kid to Camp as ‘free.” It’s a gift of camp made…

Steinkes Awarded Volunteers of the Year!

Congratulations Dr. Rick and Ruth Steinke of Green Bay, WI, the 2015 Camp Luther Volunteers of the Year!
Rick and Ruth’s passion for the mission and ministry of Camp Luther has been evident in their decades of service to camp and the North Wisconsin District. 
Rick and Ruth (Winter) both attended Camp Luther briefly as children. Their interest grew as they served on the Camp Luther summer staff in 1964-1966; Rick as the summer Camp Director.  They passed on their passion for camp to their children Robin and Renae who both served as Junior Counselors and summer counselors in the 1990s; Robin also later on the Camp Luther year-round staff.
In the early 1990s, Rick was elected to the North Wisconsin District Board of Finance.  He served continually on district boards through 2011, always with a special passion caring for the district’s camp.
In 1999-2001, Rick and Ruth served as chairs of the Entrusted with Treasure campaign which raised approximately $2 million for the Camp Luther Retre…

Welcome Janette "Swoops" Marien

A little over a year ago, my family took a leap of faith that brought us to Eagle River as my husband became the Assistant Principal at the High School, and is now the Middle School Principal. God wrapped his arms around us and showed us how this is where we belong. I have been married since 1997 to the most wonderful man, Dan; and we have three wonderful boys, Harmon who has a passion for Bass Fishing and Hockey, Gaige who is full of adventure and loves hockey and baseball, and Danny Jr who brings excitement to every day.
Some days it seems like a dream, but then I know it is all part of God's plan to be able to live on a lake, close to the hockey rink and be surrounded by so many people who really enjoy life and treat others with so much love. I played basketball through college, love to fish, hike, play in the lakes and spend time with family. My passion for veterans, seniors and youth has brought me many opportunities and my love for the outdoors, nature, and helping others ma…

The Gift


Welcome Kardia!

Hello everyone, my name is Kardia!  I’m a native Wisconsinite who grew up in a family that loved me and loved Jesus and showed me what it looks like to follow Him. Regarding my choice of careers, my mom always tells me that she’s happy I’ve found people to go on adventures with—it means she doesn’t have to!
I got my foot into the camp world in 2009, when I spent my summer working as a counselor at a camp up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin that may sound a little bit was called Camp Luther. That experience involved pouring myself into the lives of kids of all ages and wondering (often) just what I had gotten myself into.
The year following my first summer at camp, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in Secondary Education, but I found myself increasingly drawn to the world of outdoor ministry. After spending a second summer working as a counselor at Camp Luther, I plunged full-time into the world of camp and have never looked back.
The past …

"Start a Fire" - Our 2016 Theme

They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?” - Luke 24:32
As Jesus opened up the scriptures to the two travelers on the road to Emmaus, a fire began to burn within their hearts. Scripture tells that God’s Word is “living and active.” It starts a fire in our hearts because it is where we encounter Christ and are reminded of the love that he has shown us through his life, death, and resurrection. 
It is our prayer, that the fire that was lit on the day of our baptism may be rekindled in the hearts of all who visit Camp Luther. May it burn so bright that others may see Christ in us!

Camp Luther Celebrates 70 Years!

It was an investment driven by a vision to provide a place of ministry for children and families where they could be built up and encouraged in their faith. Who could have imagined the dividends that have been received thousands of times over?

The Camp Luther property was purchased in 1946 for $22,000.  At a time when gas was just $.21 a gallon and a new home would set you back $5150, this was a lot of money! Despite the costs, the leaders of the district and those serving on the Young People’s Board would not be detoured from their vision. They were determined to provide a place of ministry where children and families would be built up in the faith through Christian educational experiences, relationships between campers and counselors, and the fellowship of other believers all in the midst of God’s beautiful creation.

The vision began to become reality when on May 6, 1946, the North Wisconsin District LCMS approved the purchase of land near Three Lakes, WI for a camp ministry. They …

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