Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Well is Underway!

Dear 2015 Summer Campers and Staff, 

We just received the following information from Water to Thrive about the well that is being built in Africa because of your donations! 

Country:                       Ethiopia
Region:                        Tigray
District:                        Werei' Lekhe'
Site Name:                   Damariam May Asela
GPS:                           12.11074, 39.19067
Beneficiaries:                265+*

*This represents the number of beneficiaries that live within a one kilometer radius of the project. More typically, 3-4 times that number of beneficiaries will be using the project regularly.

In addition to providing clean, safe water to hundreds of people, your well will significantly reduce the amount of time women and children spend collecting water. Women will gain the time they need to take better care of their families and engage in income-generating activities. Children will have more time to go to school and be absent less often as water-related diseases become a thing of the past.

How cool is that?  We also were able to have a sign placed at the well site,  so we are placing this Bible verse there. 

"As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God." - Psalm 42:1

Thank you for helping with this project! 
All Things Through Jesus, 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thank You!

August 25th, the last day of camp, arrived too quickly.
Like summers of past this one flew by.
The full-time staff remains at camp, preparing for the upcoming seasons and continually looking towards next summer.  Camp is empty, but our hearts remain full. Inside each of us we wish to faithfully thank the 2015 Summer Staff for all they did, not only for us, but for your child and for the Kingdom of God.
Yet, how do we begin to say thank you?

How do we say thank you to 44 incredible individuals who served at Camp Luther this summer?
How do we thank our friends who became our family?
How do we thank them for enduring sleepless nights and exhausting days?
How do we thank them for their sacrifices?
How do we thank them for sharing their heart and love with those who crossed the bridge?  
How do we thank them for going above and beyond what was asked?
How do we thank them for being an example of hope?
How do we thank them for reminding us we are known and loved by God?
How do we thank them for caring for homesick campers and enduring the struggles of being a summer staff member?
How do we thank them for their forgiveness and grace?
How do we thank them for their constant encouragement?
How do we thank them for their patience, love, and understanding?

Please hear our love and gratefulness when we say thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for your dedication to the Gospel and to the mission of camp.
Thank you for your sacrificial service.
Thank you for sharing the life, death, and resurrection with our world.
Thank you for your life changing love.
Thank you.

Continue to throw another log on.
Continue to seek Jesus.
We will forever remain a family.

Come home and see us soon.
We already miss you.

With much love,

Your family