Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thank You, 2017 Summer Staff!

At the end of May, 45 college-aged servants of Christ arrived at Camp Luther for one unforgettable summer. For some, this was their fourth year as part of the Camp Luther Summer Staff, for others this was the first time they had stepped foot on camp soil. Over the next three months they impacted thousands of lives, became a family, and learned what it is to truly rest in the strength of Jesus Christ. Saying "thank you" isn't enough for all they've done, but we're going to try.

Thank you for starting fires in the rain.
Thank you for living by the motto "the water is always warm."
Thank you for comforting homesick campers.
Thank you for sacrificing sleep.
Thank you for trying new things.
Thank you for making each week memorable for campers and families.
Thank you for showing grace to campers and fellow staff.
Thank you for pointing everything back to Christ.
Thank you for bearing with and building up one another.
Thank you for the joy and laughter.
Thank you for showing Christ's love to everyone.
Thank you for your dedication to the Gospel and mission of camp.

Thank you, 2017 Camp Luther Summer Staff.

Female Counselors
Poto                       Concordia Wisconsin (Rice Lake, WI)
Colorado                 UW-Whitewater (West Allis, WI)
Jazz Hands              Valparaiso University (Antioch, IL)
Berea                      Concordia Wisconsin (Fort Wayne, IN)
Peaches                  Concordia Wisconsin (Appleton, WI)      
Kapooky                  UW-Madison (Rochester, MN)
Mak                        UW-Madison (Marshfield, WI)
Smiles                     UW-Eau Claire (Shawano, WI)
Tale                        UW-Eau Claire (Whitefish Bay, WI)
Snowflake                Marquette University (Kaukauna, WI)
Pearl                       Concordia St. Paul (Antigo, WI)
Ifoo                         Martin Luther College (New London, WI)
Fruit                        UM-Twin Cities (Wetmore, MI)
Psych                      Concordia Wisconsin (Abbotsford, WI)
Disney                     UW-Eau Claire (Ashland, WI)

Male Counselors
Fro-Yo                     UW-Stevens Point (Greenville, WI)
Finn                        Concordia Wisconsin (Crandon, WI)
Cheese                    Concordia Wisconsin (Courtland, MN)
K-Bub                      Concordia Wisconsin (Nekoosa, WI)
Beta                        Concordia Wisconsin (Fort Wayne, IN)
Captain                    Concordia Chicago (Menomonee Falls, WI)
Lochness                  UW-Stout (Forest, WI)
Clef                          UW-Stevens Point (Antigo, WI)
Skis                          Concordia Wisconsin (Houghton, MI)
Arnie                        UW-Madison (Wrightstown, WI)
Toast                        Lawrence University (Lagrange, IL)

Keweenaw Base Camp Staff
Rocket – KBC Program Coordinator       Graduate UW-LaCrosse (Rochester, MN)
Ry-Dog – KBC Team Leader                 Concordia St. Paul (Minneapolis, MN)
Snacks – KBC Team Leader                  Northern Michigan University (Traverse City, MI)

Specialty Staff
Berry – Kitchen Assistant                  Lakeland University (Mukwonago, WI)
Bullseye – Kitchen Assistant              Mondovi, WI
Badger – Kitchen Assistant                Bonduel, WI
Banjo – Maintenance Assistant          Graduate Concordia Wisconsin (Oxford, MI)

Program Coordinators
Sky – Congregational Day Camp        UW-Madison (Green Bay, WI)
Nova – Congregational Day Camp      Concordia Wisconsin (Eagan, MN)
Band-Aid – Family Camp                   Concordia Wisconsin (Medford, WI)
Striker – Health Care                        Concordia Wisconsin (Marshfield, WI)
LoLa – IMPACT                                UW-Eau Claire (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)
Sling-Shot – IMPACT                        Concordia Wisconsin (Marquette, MI)
Groot – Junior Counselor                  Graduate Concordia Wisconsin (Antigo, WI)
Willow – Social Media                       Graduate Concordia Wisconsin (Antigo, WI)
Suds – Special Programs                   UW-La Crosse (Eau Claire, WI)
Meyer – Waterfront                          Concordia Chicago (Antigo, WI)
Rilla – Youth Camp                           Graduate UW-Eau Claire (Rhinelander, WI)
Surge  – Youth Camp                        Graduate U of Louisville (Louisville, KY)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Junior Counselors By the Numbers

Every summer approximately 60 high school youth give two weeks of their summer in service at Camp Luther. They assist our counselors and act as "big brothers and sisters" to our campers, making sure they are safe and have a great time. Their duties also include behind-the-scenes tasks like keeping camp clean for all our visitors. The time they spend here and service they provide is priceless, but if we were to put some numbers to it, here's a glimpse of the summer.

150 times cleaning the Dining Hall in a summer 

93 Junior Counselor applicants

62 high school Junior Counselors who volunteered at Camp Luther this summer

34 female JCs

28 male JCs

24 fires built for weekend programming cookouts

15 cottages cleaned every Saturday

10 weeks of summer camp

5 sessions of JCs

4 trips to Lick-A-Dee Splitz after cottage cleaning

2 weeks volunteered at a time

1 incredible summer!

Thank you, Junior Counselors, for your servant hearts and hard work this summer! We are deeply thankful for the huge blessing you are to the ministry of camp. You brought new life and energy to camp throughout the summer, and we couldn’t do this without you!

Session #1 JCs: Tunes, Big Foot, Lime, Pitch, Capo, Luna, Andante, Logo, Vault, Chia, Par, Timone

Session #2 JCs: Mystic, Kaza, Marty, Coral, Xeno, Chevy, Kai, Nano, Mickey, Taloo

Session #3 JCs: Briar, Kit Kat, Revie, Miscellaneous, Relay, Samoa, Skippy, Mayday, Audio, Jamocha, Pipp, Rogan

Session #4 JCs: Rolee, Chippy, Villa, Chicken Nugget, Mountain, Griffen, Trill, Niimi
Freeze, Scout, River, Dibway, Ovy, Wisco

Session #5 JCs: Riddle, The Lorax, Cowboy, Totti, Casper, Dinger, Raptor
Hatter, Euchre, Easel, Sonnet, Disc, Tink, Tundra