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10 Signs Summer is Near

Summer is just around the corner, and here are 10 signs to prove it!

1. The Waterfront is in! 
Thank you to the hard working volunteers who helped! Quik, Java, Skipper, Snack-Shack, Djembe, and Paul braved the cold and rain, and we are so grateful. 

2.Summer Staff have arrived! 
Our Program Coordinators move in today and Counselors and Support Staff join us next Tuesday.

3. The cottages are open!
During winter, some of our cottages are closed to save on energy costs. Workbee volunteers in April and May made sure they are open and ready to be lived in!

4.The fish are biting.
Our Men’s Fishing and Golf Retreat was last week, and all who attended had a great time.

5. Canteen is full of snacks, ice cream, drinks, and new merchandise!

6. Baby geese have been spotted having lunch at the picnic shelter.

7.Construction projects are wrapping up.
Lakeview Cottage has tiled floors and cabinets. 

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