Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Help Camp with a Thrivent Action Team

Dear Friends! 

You can make a difference at Camp Luther! Gather a group of friends and pick a project to help camp this spring or summer and Thrivent will help!!!!

It's called the Thrivent Action Teams. You gather a group, pick a project or a fundraiser, and Thrivent provides a $250 bank card to cover project supplies, materials and other expenses. Just think of what we could do for the Camp Luther ministry together!

If you are a Thrivent Financial member you can request two Community Impact Cards annually.  If you're not a member you can become an associate member here.    

Here's how the process works:
  1. Select a project from the list below.
  2. Contact Camp Luther staff to discuss details, timing, costs, etc.
  3. Apply for $250 Community Impact Card a minimum of 21 days prior to the event. Apply here.
  4. Promote project and recruit an Action Team (no minimum size). Ideas from Thrivent
  5. Confirm group size, project, and date with Camp Luther staff.
  6. Receive Community Impact Card 10-14 days after approval. 
  7. Activate the card.
  8. Purchase project supplies and materials as requested by camp, keeping receipts, or send the Community Impact Card to your Camp Luther staff project leader to purchase supplies and materials.
  9. Conduct project and take photos. Record all participants as required by Thrivent.
  10. Celebrate your service with your congregation, Camp Luther, and Thrivent, by posting photos to the Camp Luther Facebook page, youth church newsletter, and community newspaper. 
It's that simple! You don't even have to turn in receipts.  It's an excellent way to help the ministry of Camp Luther and serve the Lord with your group or family.  Here's some projects we have in mind for this spring and summer. One Community Impact Card is allowed for each specific project.

Workbee Projects April 24-26 and May 15-17  (Learn More about Workbee Weekends)
  • Cottage Cleaning and Supplies
  • Construct new bed frames in Retreat Center Rooms
  • New shelving in a storage room
  • Replace light bulbs throughout camp facilities
  • Sponsor a Saturday morning or afternoon Workbee snack  THANK YOU!
  • Install new lighting on front entrance to camp sign
  • Install a new Waterfront buoy
  • Install new benches at Arrow Bowl devotional site  THANK YOU!
  • Haul leaves and needles, purchase rakes
  • Replace shed roof
  • Install two benches by Tubing Hill
  • Install new mattress covers at villages
Summer Projects at Camp Luther 
  • Plant flowers (early June)  THANK YOU!
  • New lines on Parking Lot  THANK YOU!
  • Construct activities for weekend camper carnival
  • Organize a special ice cream or pizza party for appreciation of the Camp Luther Summer Staff
  • Provide a meal for Camp Luther IMPACT campers during their service projects
  • Develop a prayer trail
  • Spruce up the tennis/paddle tennis courts with benches and equipment.
Keweenaw Base Camp Spring and Summer Projects (Learn more about KBC)
  • Construct a new devotion sites
  • Install challenge course equipment
  • Plant 500 trees 
  • Develop new walking and biking trails
Fundraising Ideas
  • Purchase supplies and hold a brat sale, spaghetti supper, or car wash in support of Every Kid to Camp or your church's camp scholarship program.
  • Hold a fundraiser to raise dollars for something on the Camp Luther Wish List.  
Have another idea? Please let us know! Please call our office and our staff will be glad to discuss your project with you.   Call 715-546-3647 or email  

It's everyone working together through God's grace that makes Camp Luther such an incredible experience that encourages thousands annually in their faith. Thank you for considering these opportunities to help.  We hope to see you this spring or summer!  If you aren't going to make it to camp, please consider an Action Team to bless your congregation or community. 

Blessings to you and your family this Holy Week.  May the love of our Risen Lord and Savior bring new hope and joy to you!
 Woody Sig 
Gary "Woody" Vought 
Director of Outdoor Ministry