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KNOWN our 2015 Theme

K N O W N.

He knows me.

Our theme comes from John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Like most themes, our theme is one in which we can talk about too much, but never enough.

At Camp Luther we often sing the song 'I Just Wanna Be A Sheep'. Like our theme, it can be sung too much, but never enough. As the song goes, “I just wanna be a sheep, ba-ba-ba-ba / I just wanna be a sheep, ba-ba-ba-ba . . .”, but when we sing this do we really mean we want to be a sheep?

I don't think so. 

Let's be honest, if we were going to choose to be an animal we wouldn't choose a sheep. We'd want to be a lion or an otter or a house cat or a T-Rex, but not a sheep. 
Definitely not a sheep.
What we are really exclaiming when we sing 'I Just Wanna Be A Sheep' is that we want to follow the One who is our Shepherd, the One who knows us.

When Jesus spoke the words found in John 10:27 He not only reminded us we are His, but also that we are lot like sheep.

Valuing Family

It has been my pleasure since beginning full time ministry in the early 90’s to get to know many families and watch youngsters grow up to have families of their own. As you might imagine, some of these families saw their children become very active in their faith, while others became less involved with church as they became adults. The difference? Those parents who were more successful at passing on their own family values were those who were more successful at valuing their own family.

While no parenting style or method is 100% effective, research over the past 10 years or so has shown two things to be consistently true: (1) Approximately 65% of kids who are very active in Sunday school, youth group, church, etc. STOP attending when they are on their own. (2) Those that do re-main active as adults had parents who valued and taught the importance of faith in their home, beyond simply getting the kids to church activities. Single Parent, Traditional Family, Grandpar-ent; the configurati…

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