Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What Will You Do With Your Summer?

Some will spend the summer making money in their hometown, while others will enroll in unavoidable summer classes. Some might backpack around Europe or binge watch Netflix while lying horizontal on their parents couch. 

Others will choose different. They will choose an adventure of meaningful service and growth. They will choose camp.

Having carved their way deep within nature, camps are a beautiful world of their own. Unknown to some, yet home to many, they thrive in secluded locations throughout the country. It is a place where silly songs are sung, campfires are sat around, wild games are played, and the unheard of is heard of!

But that’s not all.
Camp is a life-changing opportunity that invites you to grow, challenge yourself, love others, and serve the Lord.

Working on a camp summer staff isn’t a simple walk in the woods, yet through its challenges will be one of the most memorable and rewarding summers your life will have. Those who have served at camp in the past highlight the summers they spend working at camp as some of the most life-changing, fulfilling months of their lives. How can they not be? Daily you will have the opportunity to lead campers in activities, adventures, and more importantly, you will share with them the truth of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

But that’s not all. 
The work you do at camp will not only have a lasting impact in your life, but in the lives of campers and the Kingdom of God. Each day you are available to talk with them, teach them, and lead them in activities. You get to show them the beauty of nature and display for them a model as one who follows Jesus.

But that’s not all. 
As you work on staff you will encounter the value of serving. For as much as serving is about those around you, you will not be able to escape camp without being affected by what you do. As you serve you will be pushed spiritually, mentally, and physically, yet in all these areas growth will spring forth. The challenges you face will be held as your greatest reward when the summer comes to an end.

But that’s not all. 
Camp will become home and your co-workers will become family. Laughter and tears will be the backdrop to the memories you will leave camp with. And when it is time to leave it is our hope you will be sent knowing you have purpose and you are deeply loved. 

What will you do with your summer?          
Tanner “Poet” Olson
Program Director