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Hope Through Camp

Sometimes in life, things happen that we have no control over. You can't always control what the people you care about in your life do – the things that cause much pain and disappointment. Even though you love them very much and have done everything you thought possible to help them, there is still pain you have no control over. Praise God, praise the Father who we can cling to in those times of pain, disappointment and uncertainty. Knowing that God has a plan for us in life, in spite of all of the wrong choices and bad things that can happen, it brings much comfort to know that He is in control.

I had the opportunity to meet with a person; her name is Carrie. She was a woman that went to Camp Luther as a child. Her grandparents wanted to make sure that she could experience God in this place, with counselors that would encourage her in God’s Word, and know that she was loved in all circumstances. Throughout Carrie’s high school and early adult years, she made choices that landed he…

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