Saturday, April 26, 2014

Help us Build a New Accessible Path to the Outdoor Chapel

It is a very special place at Camp Luther. This unique hollow in the Camp Luther forest was set aside decades ago as a dedicated place of outdoor worship and praise. The Outdoor Chapel or “ODC” holds cherished memories for thousands of children and families who have attended Sunday morning worship, campfire devotions, or Thursday Night Variety Shows. Under the tall pines, we have shared songs of praise, joy, laughter, tears, scripture and words of prayer.  What's your favorite memory at the Outdoor Chapel?

We have the opportunity this spring to make the Outdoor Chapel accessible to all.  Current access is limited to a long, uneven staircase of deteriorating railroad ties. Campers and guests with disabilities and limited mobility simply aren't able to participate or have to endure the inconvenience  of being carried by others.

The diagram below details the improvements:
  1. A new ADA accessible 6' wide paved path will be constructed to the northeast or left of the existing steps/main entrance.
  2. The path will provide access to the back center of the bleacher seating.
  3. The path will continue around both sides of the bleachers and provide access to the stage on the northeast or right side (facing).
  4. A large platform will provide an area for seating with individuals with disabilities.   Space is also available for movable benches for family and friends.  
  5. The original railroad tie steps at the main entrance to the Outdoor Chapel will be removed and replaced.
  6. Lighting will be added along the new path and staircase.

We are delighted to be able to improve Camp Luther in this way for the benefit of our campers of all ages but we need your help.  Please consider a donation to Camp Luther at this time to support this project.  Many individuals are going to be blessed immediately through the completion of this project. We hope to have it completed by June 7, the start of our summer camps.  Please visit to help.  Gifts in any amount are appreciated.  

If you have any questions please drop me a note at or 715-546-3647 Ext. 223.  Special thanks to Laura "Snicker" Langhoff for the watercolor images above!
Gary "Woody" Vought
Former Junior Counselor