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Bless Your Family With a Workbee Weekend

Each spring families discover the joy and blessings of Workbee.  Camp Luther volunteer weekends provide a perfect opportunity to help your family discover the joy of serving the Lord.   Here's how your family can be blessed through serving at Camp Luther:

Your children or grandchildren will discover the satisfaction of hard work.
We live in an age when physical labor is less and less common.  As a result, our children often haven't experienced the satisfaction of that kind of accomplishment.  Not only does completing your work at Workbee provide a great feeling of accomplishment, when shared with others it makes an indelible impression.  How often at camp do we hear the pride in someone's voice when they return to camp and say "We did that!"      

You will show your thankfulness to God.
Jesus is our ultimate model of true servanthood.  Through His life on this earth he showed his compassion for those in need around him.  Through his death and resurrection, he showed …

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