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Four Ways Your Child Will Grow at Camp

As parents, it's exciting to see our children grow. You may have marks on a wall in your home marking their growth over the years. While physical growth is fun to track, it is even more rewarding to see our children grow in other, more important ways. For many, Camp Luther has been a part of that growth. Here's what I have seen:

1.  Campers grow in Self-Esteem
Camp provides an opportunity for kids to grow in self-worth. By trying new things, making new friends, and accomplishing challenges, kids gain confidence. When this happens in the midst of a caring, Christian community, it has an even greater impact. Young people who share their camp experiences with us nearly always speak of the love and acceptance they feel in the Camp Luther community; something that may be missing in other areas of their lives. At camp we seek to love and accept every person as a unique, special child of God. Most importantly, we want every camper to know how much Jesus loves them. That's where rea…

Our 2014 Theme

But grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity.   
2 Peter 3:18

Our 2014 theme is Here We Grow!  Summer campers, family cottagers, and retreat participants throughout the year will focus on how we grow in Christ.  As the branch grows from the Vine, we grow as God provides the nourishment of His Word, forgiveness in the water of our baptism, and strength through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Just as the farmer expects to yield fruit from his crop, the Lord asks us to “bear much fruit” as his disciples in our congregations, communities and the world.  
We pray that all who visit Camp Luther and Keweenaw Base Camp in 2014 are built up and encouraged in their faith through this theme.    
Send your kids to Camp and watch them grow! Gary "Woody" Vought

Campers and Counselors Open Up About Camp

We received the following comments from some who participated in our recent Instagram contest.  Faith, relationships, and love are common themes.  Camp has had an incredible impact in their lives and their faith.  What was true for so many of us growing up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s is still true today.  Praise the Lord!

"There's a special feeling you have at camp.  A feeling you can't recreate back home.  A feeling that everyone surrounding you cares about you."

"I really learned more about God.  I grew and will continue grow in my faith. "

"Some of my best and favorite memories are from my times at camp.  Without Camp Luther I don't know where I would be today.
"Camp.....the place where you make lifelong friends and grow stronger in your faith all while making amazing memories."

"Never has a place made me feel so welcomed, loved, changed, worthwhile or beautiful."

"I was shown over and over again that I am loved."


Not Ready for Camp? Four Ways to Encourage Your Child

Let's face it, being a parent isn't easy these days. When your child is resistant to your plans for summer camp, you may find yourself in a difficult and delicate situation. While you may be excited for them to make new friends, have fun, and grow in their faith, they may be dealing with their own fears, nervousness, and peer pressures. No parent wants to force their child to go. If your child isn't ready for camp, here are some suggestions to help them warm up to the idea:
Plan to go with a friend. Planning for camp with a friend or cousin can ease nervousness and provide that connection to home that your child needs. Discuss camp with the parents of your child's best friends.  Arrange a time to present the idea with all parents and children together. Going with a friend who has already been to camp could be a bonus!View camp photos and videos. Watch the Camp Luther summer camp video together and look at photos of activities, villages, retreat center, counselors, and c…

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